Scientist (PhD candidate) (m/f/d) (65%) for the topic Modelling of Sustainable Dairy Production Systems for Key European Areas

ATB coordinates a project funded under the EraNet Joint Call 2018. Ten European partners will develop a whole systems concept for three pillar sustainable dairy production systems targeted to key European regions. Greenhouse gas mitigation is a core aim accompanied by other environmental impacts,...

Scientist (PhD candidate) (m/f/d) (65%) for the topic Modelling and Mitigation of Methane Emissions from Animal Manure

With six European partners, the project funded under the EraNet Joint Call 2018 will develop a new methodology to determine CH4 emissions from manure management in combination with a farm model to describe C and N flows at farm level. With a focus on existing technologies for mitigation, in...[mehr]

Scientist (PhD candidate) (m/f/d) in the area of autonomous tractors and automation in agriculture

The overarching research topic for department 4, Engineering for Crop Production, is knowledge based, requirement driven crop production systems: Precision Agriculture. Main goals are the development of sensor systems, automation of data acquisition and working processes. For the EIP-funded...

Scientist in Machine Learning / Deep Learning. (m/f/d) (65 %)

The computer science junior research group „Data Science in Agriculture“ at the ATB studies intelligent data analysis and machine learning methods and their application to research questions in agricultural technology and bioeconomy. We are looking for a

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