FAO publishes LEAP guidelines on water use in livestock

Sept 11, 2019: The FAO-LEAP Partnership just published the "Water use in livestock production systems and supply chains - Guidelines for assessment". ATB scientist Dr. Katrin Drastig co-chaired the international Technical Advisory Group for water use.

The LEAP (Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance) Partnership is a multi-stakeholder initiative that is committed to improving the environmental performance of livestock supply chains, whilst ensuring its economic and social viability.

Farmers, consumers and other livestock stakeholders are increasingly in need of more information about the environmental performance and the sustainability of livestock supply chains. Although a wide range of environmental assessment methods have been developed, there is a need for comparative and standardized indicators in order to switch focus of dialogue with stakeholders from methodological issues to improvement measures.

LEAP develops comprehensive guidance and methodology for understanding the environmental performance of livestock supply chains, in order to shape evidence-based policy measures and business strategies.

For more information and to download the guidelines please visit the LEAP website:

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