Areas of competence

Photo: Manuel Gutjahr

Working group Microbiome Management

The WG Microbiome Management focuses on the assembly, interaction, and function of the microbiome of environmental and natural ecosystems. The main goals of Microbiome Management are

  • Understanding the interlinked effects of the microbiome in circular bio economy,
  • Development of microbiome-based products and management strategies,
  • To establish integrative, eco-evolutionary understanding of microbiomes for sustainable future.

The working group further aims to engineering microbiomes and developing management strategies to:

  • mitigate anthropogenic effect such as drought, salinity, emission, and climate warming
  • facilitate sustainable crop and animal production and Environmentally-friendly disease control strategy
  • increase the efficiency of conversion of biomass to energy and other byproducts

We implement cutting-edge interdisciplinary methods inducing Omics (e.g., Metagenomics, Metatranscriptomics, Metabolomics) Bioinformatics (prediction models and Network analysis), Culturomics & Microfluidics.

Head of the Working group