Research in programs

Photo: Schwab/ATB

Program areas

Our research for an integrated bioeconomic system is organized in five program areas.
Within these program areas, parts of bioeconomic production systems are subject to analysis, development, modeling, evaluation, and process design:

Within the program areas, teams of international scientists from different disciplines work together to solve specific research tasks.

Diversified crop production

The program area is dedicated to the development of technology and processes for environmentally controlled, highly diversified agroecological production of plant biomass.

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Precision farming in crop and livestock production

Research focusses on technical solutions to improve animal welfare, barn climate and reduce emissions, as well as on the evaluation of animal husbandry systems.

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Healthy foods

Research covers the entire spectrum between primary production and consumption of fresh or minimally processed plant and animal products, including fruit, vegetables, cereals, milk, meat and insects.

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Multifunctional biomaterials

The focus is on the sustainable production of biomass in agriculture, agroforestry systems and paludiculture and the further processing of this biomass into biobased materials.

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Integrated residue management

The program area bundles research activities on biogas and on carbonized biomass such as biochar and humic substances to be fed back into the production cycle.

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