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Coordinating institute

Hygiene monitoring

Flow cytometric studies in milk

In delicate foods such as fruits, vegetables, milk, or meat microorganisms can cause great losses. But also in animal feed such as grain or silage, they are a considerable risk to animal and human health.

Our goal is to detect the contamination by spoilage and damage-causing microbes continuously through use of micro- and molecular-biological methods. Appropriate methods are also applied for monitoring the treatment  success of different conservation and sanitizing measures.


Current research

  • Determination of bacterial contamination using flow-cytometry and molecular genetic diagnostics
  • Biosensors for in-process detection of bacterial pathogens
  • Sensor-based early detection of molds and mycotoxins in grain processing
  • Hygienic design in processing treatments



Exemplary projects

BMBF-Competence Network "WeGa" (Horticulture)

Collaborating project 3 - Product safety through product control

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Program events

26. Mai 2011

Kaltes Plasma soll die mikrobiologische Sicherheit von Obst und Gemüse erhöhen

Improved harvesting technology for cucumbers

13 July 2012: ELER-Project of the month  In a joint project together with producers and...

ATB at the International Green Week Berlin

18 - 27 January 2013: At the International Green Week Berlin, ATB contributes with latest...

Program news

Innovationen für die Lebensmittelsicherheit

25. Okt. 2019: "Minimal Processing in der Nacherntekette von pflanzlichen Frischeprodukten" war das...

Double success: Two awards at two separate conferences in one week

June 19, 2019: Within a week, ATB's doctoral researcher Nandita Keshri was awarded twice for her...


SPLASH – Förderbescheide übergeben

25. Okt. 2019: Die hygienisierende Behandlung mit Plasma-aktiviertem Wasser ist für pflanzliche...

Präzise und schnell: Neuer Sensor für das Monitoring der Atmungsrate in der Obst- und Gemüselagerung

13. März 2019: Das von WissenschaftlerInnen am Leibniz-Institut für Agrartechnik und Bioökonomie...

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