Technologies for plant fibres

Raw material from plant fibres (Foto: ATB)
Werkstoffe aus Pflanzenfasern (Foto: ATB)
Harvesting hemp plants (Foto: ATB)
Harvesting hemp plants (Foto: ATB)

Production and conversion of natural fibres increase world wide. Natural fibres are used - inter alia - for the production of technical textiles, as amplify fibres in fibre compound material, as paper raw material, as well as for the production of insulator or construction material. 

Main fault in terms of fibre pre-treatment still consists in the uneconomic operation of existing decortication facilities. In addition, pre-treated fibres often do not meet the quality requirements of manufacturers.

With a recently developed machine line for the pre-treatment and processing of wet conserved fibre plants additional procedures are being investigated and developed in the ATB pilot plant for fibre processing. The new process complements the conventional dry processing line. It is largely independent of weather risks and fits well into the consecutive procedures of farm production. In contrast to the dry line, final products consist of the whole plant material. No waste or by-products are left over.

Research targets a decrease of investment and processing costs for the production of high qualitiy fibres. Moreover, new application areas for natural fibres are developed and tested. 

Research topics: 

  • Optimization of the process line 
  • Preservation of chopped fibre plants
  • Processing and shredding of natural fiber materials
  • Production of semi-finished and final products from fibre plants
  • Application of biobased binders
  • Production of pellets from wet preserved hemp and other natural fibre materials
  • Further optimization of the dry process line
  • Machine development for effective harvesting
  • Processes for the direct use of the crop
  • Procedures and methods for quality management


ContactDr. Hans-Jörg Gusovius 

Pilot plant for fibre processing 

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