Biotechnological conversion of biomass in chemicals / active components

ATB Pilot plant für producing lactic acid (Foto: ATB)
ATB Pilot plant für producing lactic acid (Foto: ATB)

From biogenic raw or waste materials, such as grain, straw, or bagasse (residue from ethanol production), we produce lactic acid - a chemical base for bio-plastics. The conversion of biomass depends on metabolic activities of micro organisms. 

The biotechnological process of continuous fermentation and the resource-efficient technical design of the down-stream processes are implemented in a pilot plant at the ATB. The practical scale allows the optimization of the process from raw materials to conversion and the provision of product samples with specific properties. 

Research targets the stability and economic competitivity of the process on the basis of a wide range of raw materials. 

Current research: 

Contact: Dr. Joachim Venus     

Pilot plant latic acid  

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