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Bioenergy research at ATB

Beside the exploitation of to date unused raw and waste materials from agriculture, food industry and residential areas, renewable resources as annual and perennial energy plants become more important for Germany. The pros and cons of efficiency for this relative new kind of energy production was object of controversy official discussions especially during the last year (2012) :Leopoldina study.

Photovoltaic, solar heat and wind power show indeed a higher area efficiency as plant photosynthesis. Neverthelss superior biomass use because of their ability for cascading use.

Cascadic usage of biomass
Kaskadennutzung von Biomasse

Since years the ATB develops favourable innovative concepts for the whole process chain. Its starts with the cultivation of annual and perennial energy plants and stretches over their harvest, storage and conversion into biogas, biochar, solid fuel as well as the comprehensive assessment of all these processes:

Energy plant production

Biogas production

Process assessment


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