Awards for young doctoral researcher

Namrata Pathak performing the science slam (Photo: LIN)

Award winners for best poster presentation (Photo: LIN)

June 22, 2018: Namrata Pathak is a young doctoral researcher who is currently working at ATB on new storage and packaging solutions for fresh horticultural produce. At the Leibniz PhD Network Conference on Interdisciplinarity, held June 21-22, 2018 in Magdeburg she was awarded with the first prize for presenting her research in a public science slam competition. 

Namrata Pathak moreover received the second prize for her poster contribution at the Leibniz PhD Network conference on interdisciplinarity

The conference with the motto “The best of all possible worlds” was hosted by the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology (LIN).  

In her research, Namrata Pathak is focussing in particular on new technologies for removing the ripening gas ethylene from storage facilities by using a titanium dioxide based photocatalytic reactor system - a ‚green technology’ which produces minimal waste The titanium dioxide based photocatalytic reactor system enables continuous processes, does not require high temperature or pressure, is less energy intensive compared to thermal catalytic oxidation, does not need frequent replacements.

Ethylene removal during transport and storage is important to delay ripening and decay. The removal of ethylene can help to minimize decay processes  in the food chain and, thus, ultimately could aid to reduce waste of fruit and vegetables. According to an FAO estimate, fruit and vegetables along with root crops contribute by 45 to 50 % to total food waste world-wide. 

More on ethylene removal by using a titanium dioxide based photocatalytic reactor system (PDF)

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