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Jan 18, 2019: GFFA Expert panel: "Digital Technologies for Agri-Food Chains: High Potential – Critical Gaps"

Leibniz Research Alliance “Food and Nutrition” (LRA FN) invites to an expert panel discussion about possibilities and constraints of digitalization in the agri-food chain.

GFFA 2019 | Expert Panel Discussion: “Digital Technologies for Agri-Food Chains: High Potential – Critical Gaps

Friday, 18. January 2019, 10:30 am – 11:45 pm
Location: CityCube Berlin, Level 3, MX

Digitalisation of agri-food supply chains and traceability technologies have the potential to support agri-food businesses to better implement commitments to supply-chain transparency, as well as social and environmental sustainability for the food system as a whole. 

What is the current status of digital technologies and of the scope of data use for the individual sections and their connections along the agri-food chain – from primary production to consumers? What are the key barriers which limit potential being realised, and how can these barriers be overcome? With the involvement of relevant stakeholders such as producers, consumers, business, administration and policy, how could transdisciplinary research approaches help to identify and close those gaps which constitute barriers to bringing out the full potential of digitalization? 

The results of this panel discussion shall contribute to the overall aim to come closer to achieving the objective that the new quality and quantity of information (acquisition), and the subsequent decision-making, significantly contributes to more transparent supply chains, and ultimately more sustainably productive agri-food systems.

The GFFA-expert panel:

  • Cornelia Weltzien (Professor, Dpt. Head ‘Engineering for Crop Production’, ATB)
  • Diane Taillard (Director, Consumer Safety and Traceability GS1 Global Office)
  • Sian Thomas (Head of Data, Information Governance and Security at UK Food Standards Agency)
  • Shivani Kannabhiran (Policy Advisor Responsible Business Conduct, OECD)
  • Hermann Lotze-Campen (Professor for Sustainable Land Use and Climate Change, Dpt. Head ‘Climate Impacts and Vulnerabilities”, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research).


The event is free. Please register online.

About the organizers:

Initiated in 2016, scientists of the Leibniz Research Alliance “Food and Nutrition” (LRA FN) started the “Innovation Initiative Agriculture 4.0”, which targets progressive digitalization encompassing all areas of agriculture, also taking into account social participation.

The OECD has a comprehensive work programme on the digital economy, which includes exploring issues of digitalization in agriculture and food via several ongoing initiatives, for example by exploring the potential use of such technologies in the context of OECD guidance on due diligence in several sectors.

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