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Nov 13-16, 2018: ATB at EuroTier Hanover

ATB presents concepts for optimized air-conditioning of open-ventilated dairy cattle barns and new approaches for udder-friendly milking. ATB's presentation will be hosted by the German Ministry for agriculture and Food (BMEL). Visit us in Hanover, EuroTier. hall 26, booth D 14.  

How to improve the climate of open ventilated dairy barns with regard to climate change? What does the 'smart barn' look like in the future? How can the goals of animal welfare and environmental protection be optimally reconciled?

We present our concept for an optimized air conditioning in barns. In "smart barns", the interior climate will be automatically regulated. The data basis for an intelligent control of ventilation systems will be provided not only by weather data, but also by relevant vital parameters of the cows, which are recorded by various sensors.

The relation between animal welfare and the optimization of the barn climate is subject of the transnational project OptiBarn (Optimized animal-specific stable climate control with increasing temperatures and increased climate variability). The project was successfully terminated end of 2017. OptiBarn was funded under the FACCE ERA-NET Plus initiative "Climate Smart Agriculture" of the 7th Research Framework Plan (FP7) of the European Commission.

Compact information on the presented topics (pdf):
Three column concept for optimizing an environmentally and animal friendly husbandry
Livestock monitoring - Methods at a glance
New measuring method: How stressful is milking for the teat?
Reducing antibiotic-resistant pathogens in the poultry meat chain

ContactDr. Gundula Hoffmann

EuroTier, one of the world's leading trade fairs for animal production and a worldwide platform for livestock innovation, is organized biannually by the German Agricultural association (DLG). EuroTier provides a communicative platform for manufacturers and service providers as well as research institutions.

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