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The Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy as a nationally and internationally acting institute is researching at the interface of biological and technical systems. Our research is aimed at sustainable intensification. We analyze, model and evaluate bio-economic production systems. We develop and integrate new technologies and management strategies for a knowledge-based, site-specific production of biomass, and its use for food, as biobased materials and fuels - from basic research to application.

Within the framework of our Biochar research group, we are offering


Master´s thesis
Investigation of the potential of hydrothermal carbonization as part of a process chain to remediate salt-affected soils


Land degradation due to salt build up in the soil threatens to decrease agricultural production in many regions worldwide, especially in arid and semi-arid regions. Sustainable soil remediation strategies should include material cascades and technologies to remove salt from the agricultural cycle while providing organic carbon and nutrients to the soil. The aim of the MS project is to investigate the potential of hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) as part of a process chain for the remediation of saline soils. Through systematic experiments on saline biomass, the fate of salt in the HTC process and in the post-treatment steps will be examined.


The thesis will investigate the following research questions:

  • What combination of process steps and conditions will lead to an optimal conversion of salt-accumulating biomass to low-salt hydrochar?
  • How do the process steps affect the properties of the hydrochars and the fate of nutrients?
  • What post-processing steps are necessary?


Your qualifications and our expectations

  • Student of process engineering, environmental technology, agricultural engineering, mechanical engineering or a comparable study program
  • Highly motivated to carry out experimental scientific work
  • Personal commitment, reliability and team spirit


Please send your application or any questions to Dr. Judy Libra (

A small monetary compensation for your work will be provided.



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