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Coordinating institute


Pilot plant for the processing of fibrous raw materials

The pilot plant for the processing of fibrous raw materials consists of an entire process chain from the raw material to the intermediate and final products. In addition to the key aspect- "wet preserved fibre crops"- numerous other raw materials like wood (chips) can also be processed. Subsequent to the raw material processing (milling/grinding), different dry or wet intermediates for other applications are also available, additionally to the manufacturing of final products like fibre boards.

  • Raw material supply and preparation (mixing, plastification)
  • Particle desintegration by defibration extruder
  • Particle desintegration by disc mill
  • Fibre drying
  • Binder application
  • Airlay fleece laying, up to 3 layers
  • Heat press


Analytical techniques for characterization of fibrous raw materials

  • Zwicki Z 2.5 (tensile, compression, bending)
  • Zwick Z 010 (tensile, bending, lateral tension)
  • Image analyzing system FibreShape©
  • Wira-Airflow
  • Lab scaled test sheet former
  • Determination of ingredients by wet-chemical procedures


 Raw material plantation of poplars and willows

  • 1 ha poplar and willow plantations for long term investigations (planted in 1994)
  • 0.7 ha randomized poplar and willow plantations (planted in 2008), thereof 0.22 ha belonging to the national SRC-variety test ProLoc
  • 0.25 ha black locust plantation (planted in 2010)
  • 3 ha test fields with other agricultural crops such as hemp (2 ha)
  • Measuring platforms for wood chip storage (load cell platforms for 2 x 100 m³)
  • Monitoring systems for long term investigations in wood chip storage piles (500 … 2000 m³)
  • ATB mower-chipper for harvest of single row SRC-plantations
  • Stationary chippers for wood chips and chunks


Drying lab

The drying lab is equipped with various drying test stations. They are used to experimentally validate mathematical models and form the basis for transferring research results into industrial practice (scale-up). 

  • Climate control unit for conditioning of the drying air
  • Mixed-flow dryer
  • Heat pump dryer
  • Silo dryer
  • Rotary dryer
  • Solar dryer
  • Thin-layer dryer
  • Laser light-section technique for flow measurements
  • Tracer gas analytics for residence time studies


Analytical laboratory for drying

In the analytical laboratory, various measuring devices and analytical equipment are available for investigating the drying and sorption behavior as well as mechanical and thermal properties of agricultural products. 

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy 
  • Thermogravimetric analyzer
  • Water vapor sorption analyzer
  • Falling number measuring system
  • Dynamic particle size analyzer
  • Ring shear cell
  • IR camera
  • Temperature calibrator (mobile)
  • Air humidity calibrator (mobile)
  • Precision balances
  • Mobile measuring devices (e.g. temperature, air humidity, flow velocity)
  • Drying chambers


Facilities for determining flow dynamics

  • Laboratory size air flow channel (heating and cooling)
  • Thermographic infrared camera
  • Mobile data acquisition systems
  • Hybrid solar assisted controllable dryer for fruit / herbs / pharmaceutical plants (e.g. for developing countries)



  • Batch-pyrolysis
  • Batch-HTC (up to 5 gal)
  • Filtration
  • Grinding / milling of samples
  • For further information please see the detailed service overview


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