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Coordinating institute

Department Bioengineering

Interim Head of Department: Dr. rer. agr. Thomas Hoffmann

Office: Regina Hager

The team of the Department Bioengineering
The team of the Department Bioengineering

The material and energetic use of biomass, including unexploited residues and waste materials, along the value chain is of great importance. Production and provision of biomass as well as the establishing and continuously assessment of processes and value chains form thereby the thematic framework of biomass utilisation.

The core competencies of the Department of Bioengineering are fundamental knowledge of the biological principles of bioconversion and the associated methods and technologies.

The use of products formed by microbial metabolism via bioengineering processes has become indispensable in modern agriculture. However, neither the processes in which microorganisms are applied have been optimised, nor have innovative fields of application yet been fully exploited.

Therefore the research approach of the Department of Bioengineering aims to develop new biotechnological methods especially for agriculture. Among traditional areas such as provision of high quality feeds, increased added value in agriculture can be achieved by biotechnological conversion of renewable raw materials into chemicals and active agents as well as by the use of plant biomass and residual substances to produce biogas. The scientific basis of individual research approaches is first prepared under laboratory conditions. Research results are verified by scale-up from lab to technical level and by practice experiments.





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