Dr. Pramod Mahajan
Department: Horticultural Engineering
Senior Scientist & Group Leader (Packaging Systems)

Telephone: +49 (0)331 5699 615
Email: PMahajan@atb-potsdam.de

Research programs

Areas of research

  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and Controlled atmosphere (CA) storage for fresh horticultural produce
  • Quantification of respiration and transpiration rates and model development
  • Humidity regulation in fresh produce packaging (MAHP)
  • Ethylene measurement and removal techniques
  • Non-invasive sensors for quantification of respiration rate
  • Bio-based lidding films and trays for fresh produce packaging
  • Quality and shelf-life assessment and development of kinetic models
  • Mathematical modelling for gas/water-vapour transfer process
  • Gas/water exchange properties of packaging materials and model development


Scientific profile on Web of Science: www.researcherid.com/rid/C-7891-2009     

Scientific profile on Google Scholar:  https://scholar.google.de/citations?hl=en&user=5av9lSwAAAAJ  

FRUTIC Symposium together with FruitLogistica: 
The goal of this symposium is to provide a concerted platform that brings together academics and all the role players from fresh produce industry, to interact with each other for the purpose of information dissemination, sharing practical experience and developing road maps for the most effective way to reach the common goals.

Next FRUTIC is at Asia Fruit Logistica on 4th Sept 2019, Hong Kong. 
Click here for details: www.frutic.atb-potsdam.de 



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