Pilot plant for processing plant fibers

Processing plant fibers to final products: ATB pilot plant Plant fibers
From plant fibers to innovativ materials: ATB pilot plant "Plant fibers"

Contact: Dr. Hans-Jörg Gusovius
Postharvest Technology

Natural fibers such as hemp are increasingly used in composite materials and as insulation and construction materials. ATB is developing a process line for the fiber extraction starting from fresh harvest and processing of preserved fiber plant material up to the final, applicable product. The aim is to significantly reduce process costs and machinery investment while ensuring high product quality. The system is designed for a throughput of 1 ton per hour preserved fiber material. Sub-processes, from preparation and storage to the production of various end products, can be parameterized in a wide range. In addition to wet preserved plant fibers such as hemp and flax, other fibrous wastes from agricultural production, and wood can be processed with different binders.


  • Streamline the process for raw material supply lines
  • Preservation of chopped fiber plants
  • Processing and shredding of natural fiber materials
  • Production of semifinished products and materials from plant fibers
  • Application and testing of natural binders
  • Production of pellets from preserved hemp and other natural fiber raw materials
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