Areas of competence

Photo: Manuel Gutjahr

Technical Support in Crop Production

For the solution of agricultural technical problems, adapted and self-developed mechatronic components are always required. The in-house development of these systems is necessary because often market-available solutions cannot be adapted to agricultural research.

Our work covers a wide spectrum from mechanical construction of partly complete attachment systems for tractors and other agricultural vehicles to complex trailer platforms for sensors and actuators and individual mounting systems for sensors and actuators directly on the vehicle.

We develop new electronic sensors, i.e. also new combinations of existing sensors. The sensors are used for the direct control of mechatronic machinery as well as for data acquisition before, during or after field work.

For the sensors developed in-house we work up and prgramm software for the embedded systems, microcomputers and PC systems with user interfaces.

In close cooperation with the scientists we apply existing, extended and new algorithms. The information derived out of the data generate new findings for agricultural research.


Selbeck, Jörn

Head of Working Group "Technical Assistance in CropProduction"

Department: Engineering for Crop Production


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