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Promotion of young researchers

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The promotion of scientific and professional youth is a major concern of the ATB. 

It begins during the study. We want to inspire students for a future scientific career. Internships, bachelor's and master's theses offer the opportunity to learn scientific methods and carry out research tasks. In addition, the ATB offers job training for technical and administrative professions.

Outstanding graduates with natural sciences and engineering background have the opportunity to graduate at the ATB in collaboration with a partner university. PhD students enjoy special promotion through training opportunities and support agreement. 

The ATB directive on promotion of doctoral candidates follows the recommendations of the Leibniz Association. The qualification covers offers to scientific research, good scientific practice, experimental design and statistical analysis, scientific publishing and presenting as well as language training. 

The qualification courses take place at the ATB as well as in close co-operation with other institutions of the research area Berlin/Brandenburg (e.g. Humboldt Graduate SchoolPotsdam Graduate School). 
ContactDr. Ulrike Praeger and Anke Vetter

Agreement on PhD graduation

Promotion agreement between ATB and the PhD student is signed at the beginning of the doctoral phase. It ensures the scientific support within the ATB and the interaction with the university. It regulates rights and duties of doctoral students. PhD thesis, funding and time are clearly described and agreed upon, but also the obligation of the doctoral students to lectures and publications. The agreement takes into account the personal situation of the doctoral students and enables the reconciliation of family and professional responsibilities.

PhD student representatives

The PhD students annually elect three representatives, who represent the interests of doctoral students to the institute. The doctoral representatives regularly participate in the meetings of the Collegium, thus realizing the active participation of doctoral students in the self-administration of ATB.

Persons of trust

For advice and support in all issues concerning graduation PhD students elect two scientists as persons of trust.

Doctoral meeting

The regularly scheduled ATB internal PhD meetings are organized by the doctoral students themselves. They serve the professional exchange and the clarification of issues and problems associated with the promotion. In this framework, the doctoral students will present their research, practice presentations for meetings, and exchange ideas and comments. Activities like excursions and sporting activities e.g canoeing organized by doctoral students themselves contribute to team building.


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Sept 17-20, 2019

Trainingschool on measuring and modelling gaseous emissions from livestock systems, ATB Potsdam


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Sept 17-20, 2019: Trainingschool on measuring and modelling gaseous emissions from livestock systems, Potsdam

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