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Institute for Agricutural Engineering Bornim e.V. 1991-2003

The Institute for Agricultural Engineering Bornim e.V. celebrates its 10th anniversary since foundation. 
A new machine for peeling potatoes and other tubers is patented (DE 10230627) that reduces peel losses and saves water.   

The former manor garden as well as the Bornim Fields are reconstructed and recultivated according to the original design by Lenné and Persius. A total of 25 buildings with approx. 43000 m³ are removed, an area of 18000 m² is unsealed, 2500 t contaminated soil are replaced. For the reconstruction of avenues and gardens 1200 m paths and sideways are newly layed out, 4 ha landscape is modelled and 483 trees are newly planted (incl. 368 fruit trees).

A process for the production of organic aminium lactates and  dilactides is patented (EP 0789080), as part of the biotechnological production of lactic acid from carbohydrate rich biomass.   

Prof. Dr. Zaske is appointed new Scientific Director.

The Institute for Agricultural Engineering Bornim e.V. (ATB) is founded. It consists of the departments (1) Bioengineering (2) Technology Assessment and Substance Cycles (until 1995 in two departments) , (3) Post Harvest Technology, (4) Engineering for Crop Production, (5) Engineering for Livestock Management, (6) Horticultural Engineering and the Central Service department. Dr. G. Welschof is appointed the first leading Scientific Director. ATB becomes a member institute of the Blue List, the later Wissenschaftsgemeinschaft Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (WGL), today Leibniz Association.

The reorganisation of the east German research structures leads to dissolving the existing research institutions in Bornim. Based on the results of the evaluation by the German Research Council "Wissenschaftsrat" recommendation is given for the refoundation of a smaller but independent research institute for agricultural engineering.

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