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Coordinating institute

Prussian Experimental- and Research Institute for Agricultural 1933 - 1945

... after 1950

The Russian Army occupies Bornim experimental estate on April 26 which then serves as supply farm for the troups. Caused by the continuing war events and gross carelessness of the residents several severe fires occure. As consequence most of the historic buildings are destroyed: among them the administration building, constructed by Persius 1844, the apprentice dormitory, as well as a 5-family-house. The buildings are not being reconstructed.

After the failed assassination attempt on Hitler on July 20, Dr. Priebe is accused of being involved with members of the resistance. He is arrested and dismissed from duties. Due to the ongoing chaos of war the position of directory remains vacant. In November 1944, research activities cease completely.

Dr. H. Priebe is appointed director of the Research Institute Bornim. The experimantal estate Bornim now comprises 442 ha.

Prof. Ries critisizes in several lectures and publications the policy of the so called 'Reichsnährstand'. In order to discipline the awkward but popular critic, Prof. Ries and his wife are accused of having violated the "Kriegsverbrauchsordnung", a law that is supposed to regulate consumption during the war. Prof. Ries is condemned to six months imprisonment and an additional fine. His plea for clemency results in suspension of sentence, but he is dismissed from office and transfered to the Agricultural Research Station Pulawy (Poland) .

January 1, the test facility for tractors is given the status of an indepentent research site within the area of accountability of the "Reichskuratorium" for Engineering in Agriculture.

On 1st of April, the experimantal estate Bornim is outsourced from the Academy for Agricultural Sciences Berlin and transformed into the independent 'Prussian Experimental- and Research Institute for Agriculture'. 
The test facilities for engine and hub performance are transferred from Berlin-Dahlem to Bornim. Herewith all facilities for testing tractors are concentrated in Bornim.

... before 1933



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