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Converting pollutants to valuable substances. 
Biogas lab tests at ATB
Photo: Werner/ATB

HTC-Reactor in ATB's biochar laboratory.
Photo: Foltan/ATB

Magnetic carbon composites in water
attracted by a permanent magnet. 
Photo: Reza / ATB

Magnet carbon composite with 
ferrite core (bright colors) and 
hydrochar carbon layer (dark colors). 
Photo: ZetA Partikelanalytik GmbH / ATB

Sabine Kunst, Minister for Science in the State of Brandenburg, at Hans Otto Theater Potsdam, celebrating 20 years of Leibniz agricultural research institutes in Brandenburg, 20. Juni 2012. 
Foto: von Haselberg

Implantable Sensor 
for mesurement of
mechanical stress.
Foto: ATB

Boundary layer wind tunnel: laser -light section
Foto: Stollberg/ATB

ATB Main building
Foto: ATB

Brandenburgs Science Minister 
Prof. Sabine Kunst 
at the festive event
"20 Years Leibniz Agricultural Research in the State of Brandenburg",
20th June 2012, Hans Otto Theater Potsdam
Foto: von Haselberg/ATB

Assessing fruit characteristics 
in situ by use of multispectral 
sensing (Foto: Zude/ATB)

Brandenburg's Minister of Science
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. Sabine Kunst opening
ATB's new research complex for quality 
and safety of food and feed 
on 27 August 2013
(Foto: ATB)

Official opening of ATB's new research facilities 
for quality and safety of food and feed 
on August 27, 2013. From left: Dr. Martin Geyer 
and Prof. Dr. Reiner Brunsch, ATB,
Brandenburg's Minister for Science Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Dr. Sabine Kunst, and Tillmann Stenger, ILB.
(Foto: ATB)

Prof. Dr. Reiner Brunsch, speaker of the 
Leibniz Research Network on Sustainable
Food Production and Healthy Nutrition, 
holding the opening speach of the 1st 
Symposium of the Leibniz Research Network 
on Dec 6, 2013 in the central auditorium at 
Konrad-Zuse Center, Berlin.
(Foto: Foltan/ATB)

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