Research program "Precision farming in crop and livestock production"

The growing demand for fresh food, feed, raw materials and bioenergy requires a sustainable intensification of production systems and increases in resource efficiency.

Our research provides strategies and results for site-specific, adaptive optimisation of management. This is a prerequisite for agriculture to produce efficient, environmentally friendly, and profitable, while integrating the protection of animals and natural resources. With this goal, we  address current societal issues and find solutions which bridge the gap from basic research to implementation often in inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation.

One focus of our research is the development and application of sensors for the detection of soil and plant properties and conditions of animals. The use of sensor data for the imaging of physiological processes in the agricultural process enables real-time information on system parameters such as nutrient supply, plant growth, disease pressure, climatic conditions, water demand, respiratory rate, heat stress or fruit ripening. This online analysis is an important step for individual and flexible process control. The information obtained in-situ must be integrated into the development of complex physiological and physical models, which in turn enable a precise control of the production processes in the sense of a sustainable intensification.

Methodological approach of the research program
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