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Nov 15-18, 2016: ATB at EuroTier 2016

ATB's presentation focuses on improved milking technology and an innovative concept aiming at optimized climate in open ventilated dairy barns. At this year's EuroTier, the ATB is participating in the exhibition of the German Ministry of Food and Nutrition (BMEL). Visit us in Hall 26, Stand C 12b.[more]

Nov 9-19, 2016: 'IVC Housing Systems' experts of the VERA-Initiative at ATB

The two-day meeting aims to update the VERA protocol for emissions measurements. In particular, it targets at including recommendations for mitigating measures in open ventilated barns in the protocol.[more]

Oct 26, 2016 (Wednesday)

ATB-Colloquium: Research at the Faculdade de Engenharia Agrícola (FEAGRI), Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP) [more]

Oct 5-7, 2016: ISHS Symposium 2016 "Sensing Plant Water Status", Potsdam

ATB organizes the symposium "Sensing Plant Water Status - Methods and Applications in Horticultural Science" in the framework of the International Society for Horticultural Sciences (ISHS) in Potsdam.[more]

Sept 27, 2016

ATB-Colloquium: Emissions of greenhouse gases and ammonia in handling of livestock manure: Mitigation opportunities and interactions[more]

Aug 23-25, 2016: CAFEi2016

3rd International Conference on Agriculture and Food Engineering CAFEi2016 “Sustaining Agriculture, Preserving Life” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The conference is organized by Universiti Putra Malaysia and by ATB as one of the co-organizers.[more]

June, 15-16, 2016: LiveM 2016 Conference

The LiveM 2016 Conference “Modelling Grassland-Livestock Systems under Climate Change” will be jointly hosted by PIK and ATB. Modellers and researchers from across the MACSUR knowledge hub are invited to take part.[more]

June 13-14, 2016: Workshop „Methane emissions in dairy production“, ATB

Measuring, assessment and mitigation of methane emissions are focus issues of the workshop held at ATB. The meeting is organized within the framework of the joint project "Innovation potentials for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases in the value chain milk“ (INNO Mil-CH4). [more]

May 17, 2016, 10 a.m.

ATB-Colloquium: Influence of heat stress on vital parameters and milk yield of dairy cows housed in naturally ventilated barns in different climate zones.[more]

April 5, 2016

ATB-Colloquium: Antibodies and immune technological solutions developed in Golm [more]

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