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MAP fertilizer derived from sewage sludge. In the background: sewage plant Waßmannsdorf (Photo: ATB)

Workshop „Phosphorus for agriculture – Strategies for a finite resource"

11 June 2014, ATB: The aim of the workshop is to present and discuss concepts for P-recovery, among others from wastewater, and to explore potentials and prospects of regional P-cycles.[more]

3 June 2014: Biogas from waste and residues

Potentials, technologies and application. An event jointly organized by Brandenburg Energy Technology Initiative, Biogas Association and ATB.[more]

2 June 2014

ATB-Colloquium: The science of producing biochar effectively [more]

Field day “Biochar in Agriculture“ in Berge

15 May 2014, 9.30 a.m. - 3.00 p.m: German and Malaysian partners of the joint research project “Biochar in Agriculture - Perspectives for Germany and Malaysia” will present recent results. The fieldday addresses scientists but is also open to the interested public.[more]

We 14 May 2014, 12:30

ATB-Colloquium: Biochar in agriculture - Malaysian project partners present their results[more]

17. Feb. 2014

ATB-Colloquium: Development of molecular markers and verification procedures based on quantitative (realtime) PCR for monitoring of microorganisms relevant for the biogas fermentation [more]

10th February 2014

ATB-Colloquium: Effects of biochar on trace gas emissions from sandy soils [more]

2nd December 2013

ATB-Colloquium: Influence of pyrolysis and HTC chars on the biological nitrogen fixation of a free-living Diazotroph, Azotobacter vinelandii[more]

EuroPruning - Workshop and Steering Committee Meeting of the EU funded project

20 - 21 November 2013: EuroPruning - Workshop and Steering Committee Meeting of the EU funded project in Potsdam[more]


12th-16th November 2013: ATB presents a new device for efficient harvesting of agro wood as well as a radio-based intelligent system for on-demand irrigation control. Another focus is on the potential of biochar from biogas digestate as soil additive. [more]

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Program news

GO-GRASS: Discovering the diverse potential of our forgotten grassland

Oct 18, 2019: Around 28% of the total area of the European Union countries is covered by grassland...

Multitalent Hanf

27. Feb. 2019: Im Rahmen einer Tagesexkursion informierten sich Landwirte und Wirtschaftsvertreter...


Neuer Methanrechner zur Optimierung von Biogasanlagen jetzt online verfügbar

5. Feb. 2020: Im Projekt Opti-Methan (Förderung: BMEL/FNR) hat das Leibniz-Institut für...

Schnittholz: Neue Energie aus dem Obst- und Weinbau

14. Juli 2016: Diese Wertschöpfungskette macht Sinn – das ist das Ergebnis des jetzt auslaufenden...

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