Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB)

Our mission

The Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy as a nationally and internationally acting institute is researching at the interface of biological and technical systems. 
Our research is aimed at sustainable intensification. We analyze, model and evaluate bio-economic production systems. We develop and integrate new technologies and management strategies for a knowledge-based, site-specific production of biomass, and its use for food, as biobased materials and fuels - from basic research to application. 
Thus we are contributing to food security, animal welfare, the holistic use of biomass, and to protect the climate and environment. [more]

Research is organized within three programs reflecting the interdisciplinary nature and the systemic approach of our research: 

Award for young ATB scientist

July 5, 2017: Yusuf Nadi Karatay was honored with the "Best oral student communication" award for his presentation on "Economic potential of site-specific N fertilizer application when N supply is restricted" at the 2017 EFITA-WWCA Congress in...[more]

ATB bei der klügsten Nacht des Jahres in Berlin

25. Juni 2017: Unter dem Motto „Alles Kuuuhl!“ präsentierte das ATB in der Geschäftsstelle der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft in Berlin-Mitte und an der FU Berlin in Dahlem Wissenswertes rund um Tierwohl und den Wasserfußabdruck tierischer Produkte. [more]

Regiane Alves de Oliveira awarded

June 22, 2017: The young scientist from Brazil is currently researching in the field of bioprocess engineering at the ATB in the frame of her PhD thesis. For her presentation at the 19th International Conference on Bioprocess and Fermentation...[more]

Zukunftsfähig aufgestellt: ATB erneut durch audit berufundfamilie zertifiziert

20. Juni 2017: Das ATB ist heute in Berlin erneut für seine strategisch angelegte familien- und lebensphasenbewusste Personalpolitik mit dem Zertifikat zum audit berufundfamilie ausgezeichnet worden. [more]

LIFE Best 25 Years Award for Bread4PLA

May 31, 2017: Outstanding LIFE projects were celebrated at the Green Awards ceremony in Brussels on 30 May. BREAD4PLA – with ATB as partner - was honoured as one of the most exceptional LIFE projects of the programme's 25-year history.[more]

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