Inspiring week of joint training

Collecting manure samples at the barn in Groß Kreutz for measuring ammonia and GHG emissions (Photo: ATB)

Participants of the Training School (Photo: ATB)

World Cafe for identifying best practice evaluation strategies (Photo: ATB)

Trainig session (Photo: ATB)

Elisabeth Pfrommer (FZB) demonstrates the measuring of aerosols (Photo: ATB)

Lecture in ATB's new conference room (Photo: ATB)

Preparing for the scientific speed dating (Photo: ATB)

From September 17 to 20, 45 trainees and scientific coaches from 17 nations took part in the ‘Trainingschool on measuring and modelling gaseous emissions from livestock systems’ held at ATB. One week of intense training now lies behind. For some participants it was ‘the best training school ever’… 

European and Asian postgraduate students, Early Career Investigators, and PostDocs from a wide range of disciplines took the chance to participate. The interdisciplinary training school provided hands-on training in measuring and modelling on gaseous (NH3, GHG) and aerosol emissions from animal housing and manure management systems. Common measurement methods, conventional and emerging data analysis approaches as well as emission flow modelling techniques were presented and intensively discussed by experienced scientists from European and international institutions. 

The scientific program was accompanied by an intercultural training giving insights into mechanisms and opportunities of intercultural communication and collaboration.

The various communication formats, in particular the scientific speed dating, were highly appreciated by participants as a chance to introduce specific research topics and to discuss future collaboration. 

The training school was jointly organized by ATB, LRA Infections’21 and COST Action CA16106 livAGE

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