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Career and family

The concept of family at ATB

"Family is everywhere where responsibility in terms of education and / or care is worn especially for spouses and partners, children, parents,and other relatives."

Family Friendly

The ATB is committed to providing employees a family-friendly work environment. Through various offers and individual arrangements the institute allows its staff members, in particular those with young children or dependents in need of care, the balance of family and work.

Reconciling work and family

The ATB 2010 successfully took part in the audit "Work and Family". After having successfully passed the reauditing process ATB again received the certificat in 2013. 

With family-oriented offerings, particularly in the area of flexible working schedules, and by designing a family-friendly work organization, the ATB has increased the attractiveness for empoyees with family responsibilities clearly.

Measures (selection):

• Flexible working hours within the team, taking into account also family concerns 

• Offers of part-time work in different models

• Offers of flexible work locations

• Company agreement regulating flexible working hours and locations 

• Structured and reliable control of the processes concerning family-related off time (parental leave, nursing leave)

• Parent-child room with complete workstation equipment for bridging shortages of parental care 

• Flexible child care services in case of exceptional support needs outside the times covered by school or kindergarden services (in cooperation with Children's world Potsdam)

• Cross-institutional internal appointments within core time in the morning

• Consideration of the specific obligations of doctoral students with family responsibilities through individual doctoral agreements

The ATB will expand its family-oriented personnel management. The principal objectives include the development and perpetuation of a culture and policy that recognizes and appreciates the social importance of family-related tasks, the implementation of the reconciliation of work and family in the internal work organization, the sensitization of all executives for the interests of employees with family responsibilities, the qualification of senior scientists in their role as managers in charge of personnel, and increased awareness and communication of the topic at all organizational levels.


Save the Date

Sept 4-5, 2019
INSECTA 2019, ATB Potsdam
International conference on insects as food and feed and for non-food utilization

Sept 17-20, 2019
Trainingschool on measuring and modelling gaseous emissions from livestock systems, ATB Potsdam


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