Research program "Quality and safety of food and feed"

Plasma treatment of lambs´ lettuce

Our research spans the spectrum from primary production, processing, and consumption of food and feed using innovative and interdisciplinary approaches.

We carry out basic and applied research horizontally along the supply chains as well as vertically, from the „molecular level“ to pilot scale.

The research covers process chains from fresh or gently processed plant and animal products, including fruits, vegetables, grains, feed silage, milk and meat.

By providing strategies for sustainable, product-specific and bioefficient techniques we can reduce losses. Designing processes to be energy-efficient, eco-friendly, ergonomic, and economical will help to ensure the quantity, quality, and safety of food in the future. 


Areas of research

  • Physiological and physical produce properties as the basis for the development of sensors as well as of monitoring and control strategies for the process design
  • Non-invasive methods to improve quality and safety assessment for the production of fresh produce in high quality
  • Model-based and resource-efficient processing, preserving, drying, and storage of food and feed


Thematic focus

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