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Coordinating institute

Optimised Milking

Contact: Susanne Demba, Thomas Amon

The further development of animal individual milking systems contributes to ensure a high level of animal health and milk quality. For this demand we use and develop new techniques and methods of analysis, sensor technology and data- and information-converting in automation processes. The procedure of dairy production is covered by a holistic approach and this issue (technique and milk quality) is combined with several aspects like ergonomics and animal husbandry (well-being, health, behavior and ethology).

Basis for the evaluation and optimisation of milking systems is the physical und numerical modelling of the milking process and the stress exerted on the udder tissue. Thereby gentle methods of milk removal like the quarter individual milking can be developed further. Research activities are carried out in an experimental milking parlor with a milking simulator at ATB. On-farm investigations of different milking systems are done in dairy barns of the Institute for Education and Research in Groß Kreutz.


Current research questions:

  • Influence of different milking systems on milk quality, milk characteristics, udder physiology and ergonomics
  • Development of a quarter individual milk meter for precise regulation of the milking system (ViMi )
  • Further development of a novel teat cup with separated milking and holding function and an additional stimulation of the teats during milking (MeMa)
  • Sensor-based detection of the teat load due to milking
  • ICAR-test center for milk meters
  • Analysis of quality and health parameters in milk 







Program events

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Sept 17-20, 2019: Trainingschool on measuring and modelling gaseous emissions from livestock systems, Potsdam

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Program news

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10. Mai 2019: Im Interview des Clusters Optik und Photonik Berlin-Brandenburg beschreibt...

Transatlantic exchange

Feb 5, 2019: Experts from Washington State, USA, and from German institutions met at ATB to discuss...


Präzises Modell für den optimalen Fruchtbehang

6. Juni 2019: Brandenburgs Agrar- und Umweltstaatssekretärin Dr. Carolin Schilde informierte sich bei ihrem gestrigen Besuch am ATB-Forschungsstandort Marquardt über Ergebnisse des EIP-Agri Projekts...

Projekt SunBot: Autonome Pflegehelfer für das Beerenobst

14. Aug. 2018: Ein autonom fahrender, mit Energie aus Photovoltaik gespeister Traktor soll künftig in Strauchbeerenanlagen gezielt die Pflege des Unterwuchses übernehmen und damit helfen, Ertrag und...

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