Versuchsanlage zur hydrothermalen Karbonisierung

The production of biochar from digestate biogas production is the focus of the research group APECS (Anaerobic Pathways to Renewable Energies and Carbon Sinks).
APECS developes a powerful hybrid method in which methods of CO2 neutral energy production and environmentally sound recovery incurred residues are combined into biochar. The biochar as a soil conditioner to increase the sorption capacity of the soil for nutrients and water, remove CO2 from the atmosphere and establish long-term according to a new carbon sink in agriculture.

Current research

• Comparison of different methods for carbonization of the digestate (pyrolysis and hydrothermal carbonization)

• Characterization of different biochars regarding stability of carbon compounds and adsorption

• Optimization of biochar properties

• Effects of biochar as a soil additive

• Review of the process in terms of function, performance, cost and environmental impact

Video: Biochar production from biogenic residues for the application as soil additive (youtube video in German)

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