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ATB inspires at 'Potsdam Day of Sciences'
Milking technology on trail (Foto: Rumposch/ATB)

Getting in touch with milking technology (Foto: Rumposch/ATB)

Busy ATB-both (Foto: Foltan/ATB)

Busy ATB-booth (Foto: Foltan/ATB)

May 13, 2017: The 'Potsdam Day of Sciences' already took place for the fifth time - this year at Science Park Golm. ATB scientists presented inspiring research on animal welfare, the 'smart barn of the future' and an update for the water footprint.

More than 15,000 visitors followed the invitation to the Science Park Golm.

Is it possible to measure animal welfare? How is stress manifested in dairy cows? Does climate change affect the indoor climate of dairy barns? Methodical basics for determinating the air flows in and out of livestock barns, scientific findings on heat stress in dairy cows, as well as developments for a gentle quarter-individual milking proved to be new and interesting for the visitors.

Moreover, we presented information on the water footprint of animal products: More than 3,000 liters of water are needed tp produce a beef steak of 200 g. But what is meant by this figure? The production of animal feed accounts for more than 95% of the total water consumption. The calculation according to the Global Water Footprint Standard, however, does not yet provide any information on the effects of water use on the ecosystem at the production site. Therefore, a FAO expert committee under ATB participation is currently working on integrating these effects into the calculation standards for the total water consumption.

The Leibniz Reasearch Alliance 'Sustainable Food Production and Healthy Nutrition' also had a lot to offer. In the context of  the "Protein Paradoxes" project, visitors were given the opportunity to learn about alternative protein sources such as pod fruits or insects. 

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