Regiane Alves de Oliveira awarded

June 22, 2017: The young scientist from Brazil is currently researching in the field of bioprocess engineering at the ATB in the frame of her PhD thesis. For her presentation at the 19th International Conference on Bioprocess and Fermentation...[more]

Zukunftsfähig aufgestellt: ATB erneut durch audit berufundfamilie zertifiziert

20. Juni 2017: Das ATB ist heute in Berlin erneut für seine strategisch angelegte familien- und lebensphasenbewusste Personalpolitik mit dem Zertifikat zum audit berufundfamilie ausgezeichnet worden. [more]

LIFE Best 25 Years Award for Bread4PLA

May 31, 2017: Outstanding LIFE projects were celebrated at the Green Awards ceremony in Brussels on 30 May. BREAD4PLA – with ATB as partner - was honoured as one of the most exceptional LIFE projects of the programme's 25-year history.[more]

Josephine Getz awarded for her master thesis on biochar

May 19, 2017: Josephine Getz was awarded with the Max-Eyth Foundation Prize for Young Researchers for her master thesis on 'Soil relevant properties of biochar mineral composites derived from pyrolysis and HTC'.[more]

Milking technology on trail (Foto: Rumposch/ATB)

ATB inspires at 'Potsdam Day of Sciences'

May 13, 2017: The 'Potsdam Day of Sciences' already took place for the fifth time - this year at Science Park Golm. ATB scientists presented inspiring research on animal welfare, the "smart barn of the future" and an update for the water footprint.[more]

ATB and its trainee Rieke Naase awarded for Europe-wide exchangeet

May 4, 2017: Among the 39 trainees who received the "Europapass Mobility" in Potsdam for a successfully completed international internship in 2016 was ATB employee Rieke Naase. ATB has been awarded with the Euro Apprenticeship Plaque as an...[more]

Brandenburgs Minister of Science Dr. Martina Münch visits ATB

May 3, 2017: Min Münch (MWFK) gained comprehensive impressions of ATB's current research approaches. Besides a tour through the insutute's laboratories, discussions with the Management Board were on the agenda. [more]

Colombian Ambassador visiting the ATB

May 2, 2017: María Lorena Gutiérrez, Ambassador of Colombia in Germany, together with Juan Esteban Orduz, President of Fedecafé's North American subsidiary, visited the institute today. The focus of interest was on research approaches aiming at...[more]

Erfolgreicher CBA Workshop mit Debut in Marquardt

Am 27. April fand der 23. Workshop Computer-Bildanalyse in der Landwirtschaft statt, erstmals am ATB-Forschungsstandort Marquardt. Mehr als 80 Teilnehmer stellten ihre Forschungsergebnisse in Vorträgen und Postern vor, sechs Aussteller präsentierten...[more]

Ripe for the picking ...

April 27, 2017: The article 'Technology: The Future of Agriculture' by Anthony King in the journal 'nature' cites research on precision fruticulture carried out by ATB scientist Dr. Manuela Zude-Sasse and her team ... [more]

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