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Sept. 04, 2019: FRUTIC Symposium 2019, Hong Kong

The FRUTIC Symposium 2019: Innovations in Pre- and Postharvest Supply Chain of Fresh Produce will be held in Hong Kong on Sept. 04, 2019.

FRUTIC provides the platform for research network on emerging technologies or current issues in the industry. Topics capture technology advancement in production, harvest, postharvest, distribution and quality control of fruit, nut, and vegetables. This event is to provide a concerted platform that brings together academic scientists and all the role players from fresh produce industry, to interact with each other for the purpose of information dissemination, sharing practical experience and developing road maps for the most effective way to reach the common goals.

The FRUTIC Symposium on innovations in pre- and postharvest supply chain of fresh produce covers the following topics:

Emerging markets and technologies in fresh produce

  • Cooling technologies
  • Postharvest technologies for emerging economies
  • Produce quality measurements
  • Microbiological safety and regulations
  • Pre-treatment technologies
  • Fresh-cut minimal processing

Advances in packaging and storage technologies

  • Perforation technologies for MAP
  • Condensation problem and humidity regulation in packaging
  • Bio-based packaging materials
  • Logisitics and supply chain technologies
  • 1-MCP and other chemical treatments for shelf life extension
  • Dynamic CA storage technology

Digitization in horticulture

  • Wireless networks
  • Mobile apps for smart monitoring
  • Optical sensors for non-destructive quality evaluation
  • Imaging technologies
  • Gas sensors
  • Acoustic sensors


When: Sept 04, 2019, 09:00 am - approx. 06:00 pm

Where: Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong

FRUTIC 2019 is organised by ATB in cooperation with ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA at AsiaWorld-Expo.
ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA is open Wednesday to Friday 04 to 06 September 2019. 

For more information please visit the FRUTIC website.


Contact: Dr. Manuela Zude-Sasse



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