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Coordinating institute


Dr.-Ing. Oliver Schlüter
Department: Horticultural Engineering
Program coordinator

Telephone: +49 (0)331 5699 613

Research programs

Areas of research

  • Emerging technologies in primary food production (fruits, vegetables, milk, meat) and fresh food processing (high pressure, ozone, plasma etc.)
  • Optimisation and innovation of processing steps along the food chain of perishables (e.g. RFID-technology)
  • Non-destructive quality and safety monitoring (fluorescence image analysis, flow cytometry, biosensors, etc.).





Curriculum Vitae

since 2011 <br/>Coordinator of the research program 2 of the Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering (ATB) „Quality and safety of food and feed“ <br/><br/>since 2008<br/>Leader of the working group „food safety“ <br/><br/>since 2007 <br/>Assistant head of the Department of Horticultural Engineering of the Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering (ATB) <br/><br/>since 2003<br/>Scientific researcher of the Department of Horticultural Engineering of the Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering (ATB) <br/><br/>2003<br/>phd-thesis with the topic "Impact of High Pressure - Low Temperature Processes on Cellular Materials Related to Foods"
Memberships and Other<br/>
  • Executive Committee of EFFoST (European Federation of Food Science and Technology)
  • Technical  Board of CIGR Section VI „Bioprocesses“ (International Commission of  Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering)
  • Editorial board IFSET (Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies)
  • Global  Harmonization Initiative (GHI), German Ambassador
  • ISEKI Food Association (IFA), Member and German Delegate
  •  Food Processing Committee (FPE-703) of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) 
  • Member of the "Arbeitskreis Frische Convenience" of the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft e.V. (DLG)
  • Collaboration in the working group „Lebensmitteltechnologie und -sicherheit“ of the DFG Senatskommission (SKLM) 
  • Representative of the Ph. D. students of the ATB  
Teaching activity<br/>Several teaching assignments in the fields of food schience and post-harvest technology (among others at Sao Paolo University, Brasil (18 SWS), Berlin University of Technology, University of Applied Sciences Berlin, University of Applied Sciences and Art Hannover).<br/><br/><br/>
Awards <br/>Surowsky, B., Gottschalk, N., Schlüter, O., Knorr, D. (2012). Fruit juice preservation by cold plasma - a gentle alternative to traditional processes? EFFoST Student of the Year Award 2012, 2nd Place. EFFoST Annual Meeting 2012, November 20-23, Montpellier, France. <br/><br/>Surowsky, B.,  Fischer, A., Schlüter, O., Knorr, D. (2012). Insights into cold plasma enzyme inactivation. Best Student Poster Award. International Nonthermal Food Processing Workshop FIESTA 2012, 16-17 October 2012, Melbourne, Australia. <br/><br/>Grzegorzewski, F. (2012) Gerhard-Billek-Preis der Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker für die beste Dissertation im Bereich Lebensmittelchemie für die Arbeit zum Thema “Influence of Non-thermal Plasma Species on the Structure and Functionality of Isolated and Plant-based 1,4-Benzopyrone Derivates and Phenolic Acids“, 12. Sept., Lebensmittelchemikertag. Münster, Germany.   <br/><br/>SUROWSKY, B.; ZÜLICKE, F.; JÄGER, H.; SCHLÜTER, O.; KNORR,  D. (2011). Best poster presentation with the original paper entitled: Enzyme inactivation by non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma. iFood Conference, Nonthermal Processing Division Workshop 2011, October 12-14,  Osnabrück, Germany.  <br/><br/>BAIER, M.; HERPPICH, W.; EHLBECK, J., KNORR, D.; SCHLÜTER, O. (2011) 2nd GNT Poster Award for Young Scientists – Second Best Presentation  with the original paper entitled: Quality aspects and critical process parameters in plasma treatment of fresh produce. (2011) 2nd ISEKI_Food Conference, 31st August – 2nd September, Milan, Italy. <br/><br/>Poster Presentation Award – FRÖHLING, A., BAIER, M., KLOCKE, S., EHLBECK, J., KNORR, D., SCHLÜTER, O. (2010). Evaluation of  physico-chemical impact on bacteria by means of flow cytometry.  BerlinFood2010, September 8th – 10th, 2010, Berlin, Germany. Funded by the Commission of the European Communities, Framework 6, Priority 5 ‘ Food Quality and Safety’, Integrated Project NovelQ FP6-CT-2006 015710.

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May 4, 2020: Virtual Meeting - INI2020 in Berlin (originally scheduled for May 3-7, 2020)

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Press information

Neuer Methanrechner zur Optimierung von Biogasanlagen jetzt online verfügbar

5. Feb. 2020: Im Projekt Opti-Methan (Förderung: BMEL/FNR) hat das Leibniz-Institut für Agrartechnik und Bioökonomie einen Online-Rechner entwickelt, der eine genauere Berechnung der Methanbildung in bestehenden Biogasanlagen ermöglicht. Anlagenbetreiber können erstmals anstelle der üblichen...

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