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Pilot plant lactic acid

Pilot plant for biotechnological production of lactic acid at ATB

Contact: Dr. Joachim Venus

The pilot plant is designed as an industrial demonstration plant with a limited production capacity. Major product of the bioconversion process is lactic acid. Up to 10 tons lactic acid per year can be produced. The pilot plant serves to transfer results in the field of bioconversion of agricultural commodities into practice. Alternative uses of agricultural products are examined and prepared for application in large-scale technical systems. An additional objective is to create new sources of income and additional employment in rural areas.


  • Provision of product samples for application in industry and research,
  • Providing evidence for the feasibility of the technical production of bioconversion products in the respective purities (reference plant),
  • Collecting data for the scale-up to large systems,
  • Confirmation of model solutions for the integration into sustainable master plans for material and energetic use of agricultural raw materials.

See also: Research program "Material and energetic use of biomass"

Project: Polymerizable lactic acid from alternative sugars

Operational period: June 1, 2017 - Nov 30, 2019

The project aims to develop the complete value chain from plant residues to final products - from the implementation of the complete bioprocess for lactic acid fermentation to the synthesis of biochemicals with thermo-chemical properties suitable for compounding and processing for injection molding and films up to application by the end user. The project contributes to improved resource efficiency through the use of lignocellulosic residues such as straw, to the closure of substance cycles and the integration into existing infrastructure (agriculture, chemicals / plastics).

Contact: Joachim Venus

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