System analysis and assessment

Irrigation system (Credit: ATB)

Contact: Andreas Meyer-Aurich, Katrin Drastig, Annette Prochnow, Ulrich Kreidenweis, Philipp Grundmann

This domain analyses carbon, nitrogen and water cycles and assesses environmental effects and water productivity of crop production. Assessments are based on data from own field trials, literature and model runs on carbon dynamics in soil and biomass, nitrous oxide emission measurements and water budget equations.

Basic research-oriented questions aim at increasing our knowledge of soil-biological, soil-physical as well as soil-chemical processes. For instance, the effects of irrigation and fertilization on N2O emissions as well as on activity of involved soil microbiota are analysed. We examine the options to regulate water demand and water allocation in agriculture by socio-technological system innovations, institutions and governance structures.

The benefits and effects of different technologies on human-machine-interactions are assessed, and the required adaption by human users to technology developments, in particular digitization, are investigated. Furthermore, emissions and material flows of crop production are assessed within the modelling of the overall agricultural system.

Current research

  • Effects and potentials of crop production within the overall agricultural system
  • Modelling interactions and bottlenecks of sustainable intensification
  • Impact of plant management on water budget, matter transformation and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Deduction of plant-specific modelling parameters
  • Method development for the assessment of nitrogen fertilization, of the carbon cycle and water productivity
  • Assessment of regulations on water demand and allocation in agriculture

Ongoing research projects

  • SMIrFeN2O (German Research Foundation)
  • Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)
  • Ongoing dissertations:

    • Economics of GHG mitigation with nitrogen fertilizer reduction (H. Ponstein, ext.)
    • Efficiency and effectiveness of LCA for transformation of agricultural value chains (Y. Karatay)

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