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Eco-friendly on the way

Pedelec on tour

Dec 05, 2018: Employees at the ATB can use electric bicycles for short business trips from now on. Recently, two pedelecs, often called e-bikes, enrich the institute's fleet of vehicles.

The Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy is committed to the principles of sustainability. Not only in research but also on business trips employees should act as environmentally friendly as possible. E-bikes are quiet, fast and eco-friendly. Thanks to their engine support riding is quite comfortable. That’s why recently, two pedelecs were added the vehicle fleet of the ATB. This offer is intended to encourage members of the institute to switch easily from company car to bicycle. The institute also pays any costs for rented bicycles when traveling on business abroad. If the offer is well received by the employees, cargo bikes with electric assistance will be added to the ATB’s fleet in future.



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