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June 11, 2019: ATB-Colloquium

Characterization of particulate matter emission and the spread of antibiotic resistance during manure application 

Results of the project SoARiAL will be presented.The presentation adresses the agricultural sector as a source of particulate matter and identifies related health risks. The focus is on the formation of fine dust caused by spreading manure and slurry fertilizer in the field. Since large quantities of antibiotics are still used in conventional animal husbandry, this leads to a sustained selection of antibiotic-resistant germs in the digestive tract of livestock. These microorganisms are excreted together with the feces and end up in the field via fertilizer spreading. Therefore,we further investigated how these resistant germs are being spread through dust and fertilizer in the soil and in the air and whether they represent a health risk for humans and for the environment.

Speaker: Dr. Tina Kabelitz 

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