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Nov 12, 2019: ATB-Colloquium 'Precision Agricultural Studies in Washington, USA'

Scientists from the Washington State University will talk about 'Smart Agriculture: Potentials, Challenges & Solutions' and “Crop production management in digital agriculture era: few case studies' 


Colloquium on Precision Agricultural Studies in Washington, USA


10:30 to 11:30 a.m.



Smart Agriculture: Potentials, Challenges & Solutions

Speaker: Qin Zhang

Crop production management in digital agriculture era: few case studies

Speaker: Lav Ramchandra Khot

Both colleagues come from the Washington State University, where Professor Zhang is director of the Center for Precision & Automated Agricultural Systems (CPAAS) and Professor Khot works on Biological Systems Engineering at the Irrigated Agriculture Research Education Center (IAREC).

Inviting ATB scientist: Dr. Manuela Zude

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