Areas of Expertise

Animal Welfare and Livestock Husbandry

  • Sensor supported animal data capturing (physiology and behaviour)
  • Improvement of livestock systems (cattle, pigs, horses)
  • Evaluation of stress burdens in livestock
  • Animal health and animal welfare
  • Animal monitoring (automatic health surveillance)

Milk production 

  • Further technical development of milking systems
  • sensorbased detection of teat load during milking
  • Product quality of milk
  • Ergonomic evaluation of milking parlours
  • Approvement of milk meters (ICAR)

Barn climate and emissions

  • Welfare of livestock animals (heat stress, air hygiene)
  • Characterization of ventilation systems of typical livestock buildings
  • Quantification of air exchange rates of naturally ventilated barns
  • Demonstrating of improvement potentials for climate conditions in livestock buildings
  • Quantification of emissions (ammonia, greenhouse gases, odour, dust and bio-aerosols) of livestock and organic manure systems
  • Characterization of flow dynamics (perfusion and surround flow) in livestock buildings
  • Characterization of dispersion processes of pollutants and greenhouse gases from livestock buildings
  • Detection and identification of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the barn environment and characterization of dispersion processes
  • Determination of reduction potentials of emissions
  • Developing recommendations for decision makers
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