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Coordinating institute


Dipl.-Geoökol. Anja Hansen (Ph.D.)
Department: Technology Assessment and Substance Cycles
Research Management Assistent 
Research Program 1

Telephone: +49 (0)331 5699 - 223

Research programs

Areas of research

  • Research Management
  • Co-ordination of the Leibniz Graduate School LandPaKT
  • Greenhouse gas accounting under uncertainty for complete supply chains (e.g. electricity from short-rotation wood)
  • Effect of changes in soil organic carbon contents on bioenergy assessments
  • Greenhouse gas accounting as decision support for land use and as a basis of decision-making in society
  • Resource Efficiency and Land Use 
  • Biomass used for energy and as material as climate mitigation option
  • previously: co-ordination of qualification options for junior scientists at ATB


Working group 'GHG assessment on the farm level' (> Handbook, and > Emission factors & additional Data for Calculation; in German)
Project group 'Carreer promotion of the Leibniz Association' (> Brochure; German/English)



Further publications

"Games for Knowledge Transfer and as a Stimulus for Climate Change Mitigation in Agriculture – Lessons learned from a Game Prototype", Presentation at World Symposium on Climate Change Communication, 22nd - 24th February in Manchester, UK 
"Can this be fun?" in: "My m² Earth. A collaborative photo project on global change", THESys Discussion Paper No. 2016-4, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany, pp. 1-175 
"Land use as a criteria for sustainability assessment in agriculture": Existing indicators, examples and desearch demand", 2nd workshop SAG sustainability assessment 23rd April in Berlin (dt.) 
"Goals and concept of the LandPaKT project". Beitrag zur 2. Tagung „Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Minderung von Treibhausgas-Emissionen aus der Landwirtschaft“, 27./28. August in Münster (dt.) 
„Greenhouse gas mitigation potential of short-rotation coppice based generation of electricity in Germany”, A. Hansen, A. Meyer-Aurich, J. Kern, A. Balasus, A. Prochnow, In: Book of Abstracts of 17th World Congress of the Int. Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (CIGR) in Québec City, Canada, 13-17 June 2010 
"Less climate impact with bio-electricity from fast-growing wood?" in yearly ATB-Report 2010/11: 69 [pdf
Hansen, A., Dettmer, T., Bock, R., Flake, M. (2005): Coolants based on native ester - comparative life cycle assessment, Material & Design 26(7): 571-577 2003 
Hesselbach, J., Herrmann, C., Bock, R., Dettmer, T., Kley, G., Brenneis, R., Meyer-Pittroff, R., Falk, O., Hansen, A. (2003): Kühlschmierstoffe aus technischen tierischen Fetten und Altspeisefetten – Herstellung, Technologie und Ökobilanzierung, transkript - BioTechnologie Nachrichten-Magazin, Sonderheft Nachhaltige Biokatalyse (9. Jg.|ISSN 1435-5272|A 49017): 24-27 [pdf]
Flake, M., Fleissner, T., Hansen, A. (2002): Ecological assessment of natural fibre reinforced components and thermoplastics for automotive parts. Progress in rubber, plastics and recycling technology 18(4): 219-245 
Hansen, A., Heuer, E., Flake, M. (2001): Stoffstromnetze für Fruchtfolgen: Analyse ausgewählter Marktfruchtfolgen niedersächsischer Ackerbaubetriebe, Teil II der Beitragsserie: Stoffstromanalysen landwirtschaftlich industrieller Produktlinien, UWSF – Z. Umweltchem. Ökotox. 13 (1) 45–57 
Hansen, A., Flake, M., Heilmann, J., Fleißner, T., Fischhaber, G. (2001): "Life cycle studies of renewable raw materials – natural fibre reinforced component and a varnish" in: Kyritsis, S. (Hrsg.) Vol. II Conference Proceedings der 1st World Conference on Biomass for Energy and Industry in Sevilla, Spain, 5-9 June 2000, Earthscan, 1036-1039. 
Flake, M., Fleissner, T., Hansen, A. (2000): Ökologische Bewertung des Einsatzes nachwachsender Rohstoffe für Verkleidungskomponenten im Automobilbau: Lebensweganalyse verschiedener Faserverbundwerkstoffe, eine Studie für die Audi AG, Ingolstadt; Landschaftsökologie und Umweltforschung 34, Braunschweig: Inst. für Geographie und Geoökologie 171 S. 
Möhlmann, H., Hansen, A., Flake, M., Richter, O. (2000): Kopplung der technischen Systeme mit agrarökologischen Prozessen, Teil I der Beitragsserie: Stoffstromanalysen landwirtschaftlich industrieller Produktlinien, UWSF – Z. Umweltchem. Ökotox. 12 (5) 245–306<br/>

Curriculum Vitae

since 04/2018 Assistant Research Program 1
10/2017-03/2018 Scientist Call Future Agricultural Systems
05/2017-09/2017 Executive Staff Unit (Evaluation) 
2016-2017 Project Scientist in the Nexus-Projekt 
since 01/2013 Coordination of the Leibniz Graduate School LandPaKT<br/>2009-2017 PhD student at the ATB, Dept. 2 Technology Assessment and Substance Cycles and Humboldt University Berlin, Faculty of Life Sciences
2000 to 2007 LCE Consulting GmbH Braunschweig<br/> Co-Founder, project manager<br/> Duties included contract research and consulting for companies regarding their environmentally sound design of production processes, products and services as well as knowlegde transfer between ecology, economy and technology. Preparing of several studies on comparing ecological assessment of products and processes, e.g. substance and eco-balances for renewable raw materials in different technical applications (natural fibres in automotive interiors, lubricants based on fats, process assessment for e.g. RME, TME and Diesel) 
1999 Technical University of Braunschweig Freelancer (“Ecological assessment of renewable raw materials for automotive interiors - life cycle analysis of several fibre composites”); Diploma in Geo-ecology ("Material flow nets for crop rotation - a common crop rotation of the souther lower Saxonian downs")

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