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Coordinating institute

Center for drying

Contact: Dr.-Ing. Jochen Mellmann
Drying group

Bottom-up from fundamental research to industrial application, energy efficient and quality saving drying processes for agricultural products are developed at the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam. Various semi-technical test stations and laboratory equipment are available for experimental investigation of the fundamental physical phenomena.

Analytical laboratory

Analytical laboratory

In the analytical laboratory, product specific investigations on the drying and sorption behavior are conducted as well as mechanical and thermal properties of the drying products are determined. Using a water vapor sorption analyzer, the sorption behavior of different products can be studied and evaluated in the form of sorption isotherms. To analyze the drying kinetics of smallest samples a thermo-gravimetric analyzer is available.  The non-destructive measurement and investigation of particle moisture distributions in drying processes is possible by using the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. With it, other ingredients can be determined as well.

Drying lab

Drying lab

For experimental investigation of the drying behavior of different products a thin-layer dryer has been developed and constructed. At the ATB, energy efficient and quality saving apparatuses and processes are developed for continuous grain drying. For it, various innovative mixed-flow dryer geometries were designed in modular construction for studying particle and air flows and to perform semi-technical drying experiments. For energy efficient drying of medicinal and spice plants, an innovative heat pump dryer was developed and designed as a prototype for mobile test application. The fixed-bed dryer coupled with a multifunctional heat pump unit enables to investigate different operational modes of heat pump drying. In addition, sophisticated equipment is available for residence time analyses and investigations on airflow through packed and moving beds (e.g. laser light-section technique, tracer gas analysis).



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