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Max-Eyth-Allee 100

14469 Potsdam


Tel. +49 (0)331 5699-0


Coordinating institute


Dr.-Ing. Birgit Rumpold
Department: Horticultural Engineering
Research scientist

Telephone: +49 (0)331 5699 627

Research programs

Areas of research


  • ATB representative in the Leibniz Network on Biodiversity


Further publications

Rumpold, B.A. and Knorr, D. (2005). Effect of salts and sugars on pressure-induced starch gelatinisation of wheat, tapioca and potato starches. Starch/Stärke 57(8), 370-377.


Bauer, B.A. and Knorr, D. (2005). The impact of pressure, temperature and treatment time on starches: Pressure-induced starch gelatinisation as pressure time temperature indicator for high hydrostatic pressure processing. J. Food. Eng. 68 (3), 329-334.


Bauer, B.A., Wiehle, T., and Knorr, D. (2005). Impact of high hydrostatic pressure treatment on the resistant starch content of wheat starch. Starch/ Stärke 57 (3-4), 124-133.


Ananta, E., Bauer, B.A., Volkert, M., and Knorr, D. (2005). Sprühtrocknung von probiotischen Bakterien. Deutsche Molkerei Zeitung 2, 52-55.

Bauer, B.A. and Knorr, D. (2004). Electrical conductivity: A new tool for the determination of high hydrostatic pressure-induced starch gelatinisation. Innov. Food Sci. & Emerging Technol. 5 (4),437-442.


Bauer, B.A., Hartmann, M., Sommer, K., and Knorr, D. (2004). Optical in-situ analysis of starch granules under high pressure with a high pressure cell. Innov. Food Sci. & Emerging Technol. 5, 293-298.

(Scopus Author ID: 55533770000)

Curriculum Vitae

Since 03/2012

Scientist in the Research Program "Quality and safety of food and feed" of the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering (ATB) in Potsdam, 



Executive officer at the Innovation Center Technologies of Health and Foods (IGE), Berlin University of Technology, Berlin



phd thesis „Impact of high hydrostatic pressure on wheat, tapioca, and potato starches



Scientist at Department of Food Biotechnology and Food Process Engineering, Berlin University of Technology



Diploma thesis at the Food Chemistry department, Wageningen University, Wageningen, NL



Food science studies at Berlin University of Technology


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30. Juni 2016: „(De)zentrale Energiewende – Wirklichkeiten, Widersprüche und Visionen“

Im Fokus der diesjährigen Jahreskonferenz des Leibniz-Forschungsverbundes Energiewende stehen die mit der Neuausrichtung des deutschen Energiesystems verbundenen Herausforderungen. Vom ATB mit dabei:

Aug 23-25, 2016: CAFEi2016

3rd International Conference on Agriculture and Food Engineering CAFEi2016 “Sustaining Agriculture, Preserving Life” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The conference is organized by Universiti Putra Malaysia

Press information

Targeted plant protection saves resources and protects the environment

June 24, 2016: The research project "Sensor based online detection of diseases in cereals - FungiDetect" started with the meeting of partners in Potsdam. The project is coordinated by ATB. It is funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture under the initiative "Innovations in agricultural...

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